The Nigerian Music World’s Star Prince | Dbanj | Shatta

The Nigerian music world is in the better niche in the international singing industries the numbers of the artist of the Nigeria are listening or watching by the millions of the song lovers of the countries and Africa or some artist popular in the world. The Nigerian musicians are performing the popular style of the music in their singing with the creative changes.

Download Ghanaian Music

The rebel artists of the Nigeria/Ghana introduce the new forms of the hip-hop, pop, R&B or many other western singing genre fusion with the traditional singing or the creative forms like the afro-pop, Nigerian Hip hop are the examples of the revision style of the composer and this experience loving by the music lover of the country and the African countries.

Dbanj the Musician cum Entrepreneur

Dbanj is the popular artist of the Afro pop and the R&B styles along its Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo song-writers and singers, he also experts in the Harmonica instruments. Dbanj works under the several reputed recorders likes Mercury Records or Sony Music Entertainment in the approx decade career. Dbanj won the several reputed awards likes the BET or MTV Africa Music Awards established the better niche in the enterprise.

The top Download Ghanaian Music ‘Tongolo’ is the one of the famous songs of the debut album’s title with No Long Thing. Just two months before his official song ‘Feeling A Nigga’ with Akon get the large popularity.

Ice Prince the Young Afro beat Artist

Ice Prince is the stage name of the Panshak Zamani a young Afro beat artist of the countries along its hip-hop is common in Ice Prince Songs or stage performance, the man is a talented song writer and actors of the industries. Prince three times winner of Headiness reputed award of the Hip hop and twelve time nominations!

R2bees – Refuse to be Broke

R2bees is the Hip hop/hiplife group of the two younger boys Faisal Hakeem and Rashid Mugeez and this both rapper are performs in the R2bees and this group very popular in the Ghana and Nigeria along with the Africa, ‘refuse to be broke’ this famous tag represent to the R2bees.  The Download R2bees Songs ‘Killing Me Softly’ of the well known music album revolution II via Recently they have been working with the Burna Boy in the hit albums of the 2014 Somebody loves you, currently they working for the expose their R2bees in the US or Other country.